Friday, June 13, 2014

Dota 2 MapHack Tool v5.5 - TI4 Update

How To Download and Use Dota 2 MapHack 

Hey guys. Today Im gonna share to you one of our latest exploits for Dota 2 - Dota 2 MapHack v5.5. This is an update of our Dota 2 MapHack that we released from our old website last February.

This is a joint project between me and my buddy devs - aX3 and Meepo.If you want to add us on Steam, just leave a comment below.

What Can Our Dota 2 MapHack v5.5 Do

1. Options to remove fog of war on both main and mini map.
2. Options to read chat on both sides.
3. Illusion marker
4. Invisibility marker - invisible units like Rikimaru and wards will have a green "aura" surrounding them.

Target Features for next release

1. Pointer tool - marks where enemy team is clicking/going.
2. Voice chat for both team.

Dota 2 MapHack Limits

1. You can see invisible units but cannot attack them unless you have a gem,wards,etc. just like in a normal game.
2. You can however, use spells that affects invisible units, usually aoe and ground target spells.
Example - Mirana's arrow, Raigor's Fissure

3. This is only available for the first 1000 downloads. We like to troll within the game, but it aint fun if all has it.

How Dota 2 MapHack Works?

Dota 2 uses a match-making alrogithm to find the best latency for the 10 players. The 10 players connects to the same server which hosts the match. Thus, all players are basically passing all data packets into the same network. But restrictions built in into the Dota 2 engine limit what a player can see and hear.

Dota 2 MapHack is enable to remove those restrictions for the user by sending codes via console. People on Spectators mode can see all stuffs right? We're basically emulating that.


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